Lean software strategy for digital natives

Your competition already plans their next move and you’re here reading these headlines? Let’s discuss how that can turn out to be an advantage for you.

Start-up speed, enterprise quality

🚀 Smart leaders choose both

We are a german software consultancy that empowers clients to innovate with start-up speed and enterprise quality – helping them eliminate technical debt, solve complex problems, and make more revenue.

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Let's build something

We identify problems that actually need to be solved and provide simple solutions to it

We build sustainable digital systems with modern technologies and stand by your side with services and solutions tailored to the needs of modern businesses:


  • Gap Assessments: we assess your agility
  • DevOps Accelerator: we improve your agility
  • Workshops: we maintain your agility

We can help startups to accelerate their software development and build the foundation of their software-enabled business.


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Technical debt is like Tetris

You can't win. You can only control how quickly you lose.

That’s why we never bet on a single solution. We’re native citizens of the open source ecosystem and experts in cloud-native technologies. We have a huge toolbox to source from and are prepared to broaden our skillset anytime. Because, you know, that’s how you effectively manage technical debt.


We base our work on a deeply rooted philosophy.

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