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p3r is a german venture builder with a focus on software-enabled business models.

About p3r

p3r builds digital products and businesses. Starting out in 2012, p3r today has stakes in several industry-leading startups and projects and built more than 10 products over the years.

Our portfolio


Polycrate is a framework to build platforms. It comes with a cutting-edge tool runtime that allows you to build portable and customizable platforms (IT systems) of any size in any language you like - without the vendor lock-in.


Ayedo is a DevOps agency, building the technical backbone of our operations. Ayedo designs and builds the technologies and tools used to empower our ventures. Ayedo also provides DevOps and platform services to our customers.


Cloudstack is a plugin-based framework for hyperconverged container infrastructure. It's the backbone of most of our technical systems and platforms. Cloudstack is Open Source and mainly developed by Ayedo.


ns0 is a dead-simple wildcard DNS for IP addresses. When queried with a hostname with an embedded IP address, ns0.co will return that IP Address. It's provided as a free service by Ayedo.


ohMyHelm is a loose abstraction layer on top of HELM - the package manager for Kubernetes - that makes it easy to package arbitrary container images into AppCharts without the need to touch YAML templates.


Munchiez is a lifestyle brand and marketing agency specialized in niche-content and -designs. Mucnhiez supplies B2B and B2C customers all over the world with innovative design- and merchandise-solutions.


Microplatforms is a knowledge aggregator. Currently focused on topics around cloud, software devlopment, devops, platforms and technical product management, Microplatform delivers the latest and greatest content to inspire builders.


A product startup in the AI space. Currently in the making.

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