Answer to Everything isn’t 42, it’s Family

by | 25.07.2021 | Personal Development

We’re experiencing digitisation. An era where every person has a voice, and it doesn’t matter if he’s wise. There’s more motivation circulating the vast stretches of the internet than it’s required.

This would be good in a theoretical world, but if you seek the truth, then you might have understood everything out in the motivational landscape is a facade. The whole motivational world is some big sales funnel where people you look to are looking back to you as mere deals.

Moreover, most of the content is garbage which harms you.

But it’s pretty dark to go deeper in it. If you want to remember something from the above two paragraphs, remember the void you feel is what everyone wants to exploit and cash in sooner or later.

Motivation is Useless

Now, either you don’t consume motivational content (Feel free to skip to the next section) or bring in millions of dollars. By the way, I meant you bring in millions of dollars for the YouTubers, speakers and event hosts, which I guess should have been obvious.

If you’re the second kind, then give these three articles a read. I bet you 80% of your problems with solutions are summarised in the following three articles.

Philosophy is Power

I assume I am busted by now. You’re right. I am a person who tries to find answers through philosophy and not via overly dramatised videos. I have a straightforward way of thinking, and the dopamine shots that motivation provides aren’t there with you till the night.

There must be systems that propel you. You deep down know how long does motivation last. Then what lasts? Simply, it’s systems. Let’s talk about an example.

If you think and go back to the days when you were a kid, you were never forced to learn the alphabets by the end of the 23rd of next month.

You read, enjoyed and at some point, whenever your teacher asked you about the alphabets, you rose confidently and dictated all of it while unknowingly impressing your friends and raising the bar of self-confidence. I am not saying you didn’t make things wrong, but if you’d set definite deadlines, you would focus on the unimportant thing of completing on time rather than completing. Now, tell me, how doomed is that?

from A Guide on why Goal setting fails and Systems don’t

Think about consuming a motivational video with dramatic music in between your lessons. Would you be able to complete that before the time? No, way! You might complete it after the deadline though.

How would you complete that? Systems.

How would you build a system? Philosophy!

Family and 42

Douglas Adams said the answer to life is 42 but I would like to challenge that with family. The meaning of life is family.

PS: Don’t come to me saying Douglas meant that as a joke. Agreed it was a joke but need to something for a bit of clickbait. Good ideas need a better propellant. Correct?

Now, I have a habit of writing ideas that cross my mind. To get the ideas I need to read and to understand I need to write. So, I wrote a lot to find out a lot of things that propel humans to have the family as the backing. This is quite based on the ancestral times when your purpose was providing for family with a few ideas coming from different branches of philosophy.

Stoicism & Family

Death is inevitable and everyone you care for including your family is about to leave you. The question is when and not if.

answer to everything death
Death is inevitable. Source: thestoicletters

I have seen a lot of people getting detached from family and comparing why they are not good enough or happy enough. This consumes a lot of time, creates an inner void and finally, people seclude themselves.

A simple solution to this is interacting with family and providing for your family. A bond where people support each other to achieve their dreams is a complete one. You live in the moment and seclude from the desires to compare or pain of regret.

Living in the moment to care for the people who matter the most!

Greed & Family

Greed is appreciated if it’s not harming you. But it’s not generally the case and you lose your peace as that’s not a worthy enough reason. I like to think of life as simply doing things that would sustain your family with a better quality of life with every passing day.

A better purpose that pushes you to walk that extra mile.

Beginnings & Family

War for the Planet of the Apes was a great movie. A thing I couldn’t keep thinking about was that the main human motive from Day 1 (when we were Ape) was to make new generation and sustain.

We lost the reason to fulfilment with time. The reason to fulfilment was always creating something and helping that grow. Time to learn from past.

Care for your family and shoot for the stars. You would be motivated and focused enough to achieve the goals with a bigger purpose.

Final Thoughts

The answer to life is family because it provides you with a purpose to propel. The purpose is the fuel that would help you create some systems and keep scaling them.

Hope you learned something new from this article and feel free to join our newsletter for some of other brainstorming ideas and DevOps delivered to you on weekly basis.

Happy Creation!

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