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What’s new in Artifact Hub v1.1.0/1?

by | 20.08.2021 | Changelog

Artifact Hub is a web-based application and CNCF sandbox project that enables finding, installing, publishing packages and configurations for CNCF projects. Two versions, 1.1.0 and 1.1.1, are out within seven days and we will see what’s new in this post!

Why use Artifact Hub?

We know that discovering artifacts to use with CNCF projects can be difficult. Suppose we observe that every CNCF project that needs to share artifacts creates its own Hub, which creates a fair amount of repeat work for each project and a fractured experience for those trying to find the artifacts to consume. The Artifact Hub solves this problem by providing a single occasion for consumers that any CNCF project can leverage.

We can use Artifact Hub to:

We will first look at the changes that took place for v1.1.0 and then will proceed to v1.1.1.

Let’s start!

Version 1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 of Artifact Hub comes with a small number of changes. But, it contains some changes, additions and bug fixes.


With version 1.1.0, we see the addition of the Artifact Hub CLI tool, which helps in a smooth coding experience within the Hub. We can also see the added support for Keptn integrations. Again, we can now sort the search results by relevance or stars. It is a new addition which is of great importance. Version 1.1.0 also adds the allowance of users to help them delete their accounts. This update also adds the feature of allowing users to crop their avatar images.


The release of 1.1.0 gets us the change with which we can now display Related packages below the readme in some cases. Also, we can see a significant shift like using the third party library for readme ToC generation. We can now see the upgradation or bumping of Alvine to 3.14, Trivy to 0.19.2 and OPM to 1.17.5. Lastly, we can also see the upgradation of frontend and backend dependencies.


This version brings several bug fixes, and also we see other improvements which make this update quite significant.

Version 1.1.1

The devs have released a new minor release with version 1.1.1. We see very few changes in this release.


The only change we can see in this update is moving the Helm charts repository to a new location.

Bug Fixes

We can see some minor bug fixes in this new version. Now, we can set tracker and scanner containers resources properly. Also, we can now see regression in locker middleware.


Throughout the article, we have seen the changes that took place in versions 1.1.0 and 1.1.1. You can also try out Artifact Hub by downloading here. You can read more of our articles below.


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