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Fabian Peter


Fabian Peter is the CEO of p3r. He is constantly looking for ways to build better software and improve the user experience of developers and entrepreneurs who code.

    CNCF Meetup Saar #1

    The first edition of our CNCF Meetup Saar was on February 25th from 11:00 to 13:00 CET. It was a very fun event with enlightening talks and a few quirks. You can enjoy a recap of the event and the talks below. Recap Full Event...

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    Using Terraform with VMware

    Terraform has been the talk of the town lately with its amazing integration and capabilities towards cloud infrastructure. A true Infrastructure as Code solution which still provides full-fledged functionalities despite being an underdog. Yes, it’s true. They are not...

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    Release early, release often

    I guess we've all heard this. Here's a little background to why this might be a real good approach for you - or why not. Linux The Linux Kernel is developed in a bazaar-style approach. Historically, software has been built in a more cathedral-style approach as in...

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    How to write

    „People who think well, write well.“ That’s how David Ogilvy thought about writing in 1982. I tend to agree. But good writing is not a natural gift. You have to learn to write well. Here are a 7 hints on How to write better: Write the way you talk. Naturally.Use short...

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    The Impostor’s Advantage

    You certainly heard of Impostor Syndrome - the feeling of accomplished people belittling their own talents and constantly being terrified of being discovered as a fraud. While it might feel like a handicap, it's actually an advantage. You already took the hardest step...

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