Content Creator at p3r

We’re always looking for exceptional talents to go cloud native together with us and our customers. If you’re looking for bleeding edge technology, a devops-minded culture and involvement in the open source community at work: we want to hear from you!


We're a team of DevOps practitioners with a lean attitude towards system's engineering and problem solving. Our day-to-day work involves Kubernetes, Python, Ansible, Terraform, Docker and a gazillion of other tools that we use to bring our customers forward.

100% remote work

We are based in south-west Germany but work from all over the world in 3 different time zones.

Flexible work hours

We have core hours of availability but aside from that you're free to work on your own terms. 

Cloud native tech stack

We're building cloud-agnostic platforms with industry standard tooling from the CNCF Landscape.

Incentives for upskilling

Getting better is our biggest mission so we invest heavily in education, upskilling and knowledge sharing.

DevOps culture

We're system builders and have strong foundations based on DevOps principles and years of operational experience. 


Agile development workflow

We're not doing scrum by the book but tend to keep our work in sync with the principles of the Agile Manifesto.

The Opportunity

We at p3r are looking for a Content Creator who can quickly familiarize with new grounds and write blogposts about topics related to Kubernetes and Cloud Native. Previous content writing experience is of advantage, but not a requirement – we really want someone who enjoys processing complex content for our tech community. There are no deadlines or time restrictions. Therefore, this position is ideal for a student or freelancer who likes to work independently without much direction or fixed hours and is not afraid of frequent changes in direction.

Your tasks

    • Conducting in-depth research and elaboration of new topics related to Cloud Native
    • Conducting keyword research and adhering to SEO guidelines to increase web traffic
    • Editing and publishing of blog posts using Content Management Systems (WordPress)
    • Recommendation of new content to address gaps in the company’s current content
    • Community Management of our Slack channel

    Your profile

    • Excellent writing and editing skills in English
    • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it applies to content marketing
    • Knowledge of analytical tools like Google analytics
    • Familiarity with Software Development, Cloud, and Infrastructure preferred
    • Previous content writing experience of advantage

    Reference articles

    Is that you?

    Then here’s why we might be a good fit for you:


    • we’re all about building great technology to solve real problems
    • we’re working with modern but proven technologies and don’t fear to go bleeding edge from time to time
    • we’re working fully remote
    • we’re motivated to learn new things every day
    • we’re a company of builders and engineers
    • we’re doing agile how it’s meant to be done
    • we’re pragmatic and open to learn better ways to solve problems
    • we like it simple. Our onboarding process takes less then a day
    • we’re active in the CNCF and even host a local Cloud Native Meetup

    Still here?

    Go apply then!

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