What’s new in Harbor v2.3.0?

by | 27.06.2021 | Changelog

Harbor v2.3.0 is here, and with all recent versions, it has brought several new features and has undergone some changes.

Let’s roll!

New Features

Declarative Configuration

In the latest release, we can see the enhancement of the current configuration by adding environment variables to overwrite the Harbor configuration, including authentication, system permission, backing store and more. This enhancement helps in enabling the full audit capabilities and preventing configuration drifting. You can get more information here.


This release shows the support for running Harbor in Kubernetes with Harbor-helm on IPv6-only infrastructure. (Tested on Kubernetes version 1.21.0 and Calico version 3.18.1)

Photon Upgrade

The latest release also shows the up-gradation of all Harbor base images from Photon 2.0 to 4.0. It also upgrades PostgreSQL to v13.3 and Redis to v6.0.13.

Additional Features

We can see performance enhancement for concurrent requests.

The latest release shows a relative improvement of observability metrics. It now supports Jobservice metrics.

Swagger API improvements are visible in this release. The APIs of the project scanner and webhooks now support both project ID and name in their path.

It now supports destination namespace flattening through replication enhancement.

The new release helps in moving the legacy APIs to the new programming model.

Golang v1.15.12 now is used to built Harbor as of the new release.

This new release bumped up Trivy 0.17, which adds extra support for Java JAR/WAR/EAR archives and Go binaries scanning.

Upgrade Considerations

A new upgrade consideration reflects the easiness this new release brings. During an update, Harbor will remove the old Postgres data and migrate it to the new destination to compatible with the new Postgres version. So, backing up your data before upgrading to v2.3.0 will be very helpful.


In the future v2.4.0 release, the ChartMuseum will go through deprecation. We can now manage the helm charts in Harbor through the OCI image registry alongside our container images.

Breaking Changes

The API to GET artefact under public project such as GET /v2/$public_project/$repo/manifests/$tag will receive a 401 if the request does not carry the “Authorization” header. For more information, visit here.

Issues Resolved

Contributors did resolve a lot of issues in this latest release too. You can see the whole list of resolved issues from minor to major by clicking here.


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