How to Increase Your Luck Surface Area

by | 08.02.2021 | Personal Development

In September 2020, I was actively looking to grow as a freelancer. I applied to hundreds of position and sometimes underbid, but results didn’t even make me smile. Opportunities don’t come to you when you start; you need to create them for yourself. I assumed I am not lucky enough, but coming from an action-minded background, I kept asking myself “How can I be lucky?”.

Reflecting on the position I was at then; it seems being lucky is not that hard if I had played my cards right. The simple formula to being lucky is L= D * T but as you remember from your grad school implementation is more demanding than memorizing.

In this post, we together would go through how you can increase your luck surface area and get that fortunate stroke of serendipity into your career.

What is Luck Surface Area?

Luck Surface area is the amount of unexpected opportunities you would experience, opportunities that would help you grow. To sum it up, the bigger the area, the more opportunities drop on it. Now you might be curious about how to increase the surface area. It’s easy, and we must at first break down the formula to get the ingredients.

L = D * T where L=LSA=Luck Surface Area, D=Doing, and T=Telling

Now you see ‘Doing’ and ‘Telling’ are the ingredients that you must focus on to create your own luck. So what are they?


To be a freelancer, you need to know your gigs well and be so accustomed to your work’s ins and outs that you could answer your client’s questions and understand their demands. In short, you must know your task very well do get lucky. The passion in you for your work must be so infectious that people get excited about it, and this excitement could land you a few more clients by referrals.

Secondly, the world contains a lot of jack of all trades master of none and if you’re one of them you might need to move back. You need to focus on one skill before jumping onto some other.

Do a lot but at first, get known for one!

I am not saying master in one skill, but one of the essential things I say is becoming great at one and then upselling your newly learned skills to your clients. Use your primary skill as a safety net. People like to work with people who have proved themselves in one domain only because they could be trusted with doing their jobs without fail.

How to Increase Your Luck Surface Area

Increase your Luck Surface Area! Image Credits: codusoperandi


I’d been in LinkedIn for several months now. One thing, I never miss out is people who are doing well post a lot. Well, this is the complete opposite of what happens. People who post a lot of valuable content do well!

So what’s the correlation?

The second strategy which Jason talks about is effectively communicating your expertise. People crave knowledge and what’s better than feeding them what they are looking for.

It’s Not Bragging If It’s True!

The expertise you gain from ‘doing’ when multiplied with sharing makes people know there’s some expert around them to tap into if they need some help. Try getting known for what you are great outside your network and see waves of opportunities splashing on your shores from directions you had never imagined.


I know the telling task might come as extra work for a busy you, but the ROI is worth it. Creating content is the best way to advertise yourself as people adore knowledge, and it’s way better than one to one form of networking. Don’t get me wrong networking is essential, and we have a great blog if you want to know how people get luckier by doing it effectively.

To sum it up: stay relevant, try out new things and share your knowledge and in no time you’d increase your luck surface area.

Happy Multiplication!


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