We’re always looking for exceptional talents to tackle the cloud-native journey together with us and our customers. If you’re looking for bleeding edge technology, a devops-minded culture and involvement in the open source community at work we want to hear from you!

Cloud Engineer

#devops #kubernetes #cloudnative

As a Cloud Engineer you’ll be working with our DevOps team to build and operate complex cloud-native software solutions and Kubernetes clusters for and together with our customers. Our clients range from Startups to Fortune 100 Enterprises – we help them to navigate the cloud-native journey with hands-on consulting and engineering by augmenting their teams.

Cloud Engineer at p3r works closely with our customer’s engineers, teaching and building latest technologies. You’ll be regularly contributing to Open Source projects and be involved with the cloud native community at large. Kubernetes, Docker and Pipelines are a core part of what we do and how we solve problems so our engineers should be breathing that stuff.

We’re looking for someone who

  • knows how to dockerize applications
  • knows how to build and operate Kubernetes clusters
  • knows how to design and maintain cloud-native systems
  • knows how to plan and optimize CI/CD workflows
  • knows how to use Ansible and Terraform to automate all of this

The position is fully remote but might require occasional visits at our office or a customer’s site in the future. Fluent english (written/spoken) is a requirement – fluent german would be a bonus, living in Saarland is also a bonus.

Please have a look at our Philosophy to get an idea of how we operate at p3r.


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