Join us for the 4th edition of our Cloud Native Meetup Saar!

by | 07.11.2021 | Cloud Native Meetup Saar

First of all – we have a big announcement to make! We are now an official chapter of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation , enabling us to further spread our knowledge, broaden our community and share our expertise with Kubernauts all around the world! 🎉🤩

You can visit our official CNCF page here.


These are exactly the goals we want to fulfill with the next edition of the Cloud Native Meetup Saar – to give you practical tips and experience reports from experts on self-organized team-based technology decisions and building pipelines with Does this sound interesting? Then join us on November 10, 2021 (5-7pm CEST) live via


Also, are you keen on testing your coding knowledge? This time, we have prepared a tech quiz for our participants, who will be rewarded with a giveaway! Fill out the following form and win a cool e-book by O´Reilly Media! You can participate here! 🏆 

Let´s have a closer look at the Agenda 📑 

#1 Tech decisions to the people!

Konstantin Diener, CTO at cosee, starts this edition with the issue of self-organized team-based technology decisions: letting the developers in self-organized teams decide which technologies to use, as they know best the problems to be solved and the possible solutions.
However, such decisions do not work without rules. Moreover, the question often arises: how many standards do we need for all teams?
Join Konstantin for his practical report on a pragmatic approach for self-organized team-based technology decisions.


#2 Open Source ETL – Developing a tap and target for

Join Cheuk Ho, Developer and Community Leader at TerminusDB, for her practical and simple approach on how to create your own pipeline with taps and targets. As pulling data from one database and piping it into another is a common task in a software engineers life, Cheuk will show you how to develop taps and targets in Python to work with a graph database.


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If you would like to know more about the meetup, visit our Cloud Native Meetup Page. Don’t forget to RSVP for the event on LinkedIn or Meetup.

We are looking forward to see you next Wednesday!



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