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The Full-Stack Developer’s Roadmap Part 2: Backend

As you complete the Full-Stack Developer's Roadmap (here's part 1, btw) you might be curious about how your front-end stores and manipulates the user input – facilitating output. These facilitations are done at a server; therefore the developers are called...

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The in and outs of caching

Whether it's watching your favourite movie or some yummy recipe, we don't like things to buffer or to load slow. With ever-decreasing attention span alongside forever increasing content diversity (people from all around the world are uploading interesting content),...

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Seven things successful people say No to

People tend not to be aware of the superpowers they have. Powers vary from one person to another. But, the capacity to say No when necessary is something which every individual is capable of. Merely saying, people don’t use this power to its full potential. Countless...

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The Full-Stack Developer’s Roadmap Part 1: Frontend

Web Development is a huge field on the Full-Stack Developer's Roadmap, and for simplicity, it's broken down into two parts. The "client-side developer" or the front-end developer develops the visual elements which you see and interact with from a design. They are...

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4 things to keep quiet about

There might be many instances in your life where you have spoken too much. This wouldn't harm you in the short term, but can you say the same for the long-term? Probably not. It seems that we’re in a world where people tend to keep on talking. They are satisfied with...

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