TikV v5.0.4

What’s new in TikV v5.0.4?

by | 18.09.2021 | Changelog

TikV came up with its new release this month. It is a small one, but we can see a couple of improvements and some bug fixes along the way. In this article, we will see all of those and view the recent changes.

Let’s start!

What is TikV?

TiKV is a graduate project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and is an open-source, distributed, and transactional key-value database. Unlike other traditional NoSQL systems, TiKV provides classical key-value APIs and transactional APIs with ACID compliance. TikV is built in Rust and powered by Raft. The team has initially created it to complement TiDB, a distributed HTAP database compatible with the MySQL protocol.


The new release of version 5.0.4 brings a couple of improvements to the TikV ecosystem. With the new release, we can see the limitation of the TiCDC sink’s memory consumption. Again, we can see the addition of the memory-bounded upper limit for the TiCDC old value cache.

Bug Fixes

We can see some of the bug fixes that came along with this new update of version 5.0.4. The fixes will help users to have a smooth working experience with TikV. Firstly, we can see the fixing of the wrong tikv_raftstore_hibernated_peer_state metric. Again, we can see fixing the wrong argument’s type of the json_unquote() function in the coprocessor. We can see the skipping of clearing callback during graceful shutdown to avoid breaking ACID in some cases. Furthermore, the devs have fixed a bug that showed if we share the read index for a replica, it reads on a Leader. Lastly, we also see the fixing of the wrong function that casts DOUBLE to DOUBLE.


Throughout the article, we have seen the changes that came along with this new release of version 5.0.4. The TikV server will now work more smoothly with the improvements and fixes, and the users will benefit more. Obviously, you are thinking of trying it firsthand. You can step by step installation of TikV from here and if you want to contribute to the TikV server repository, click here. Have a playful experience with TikV, and I will see you all in the next one.

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